Why Publish with us

Your book needs to sell!

You have had this great idea for a book, you have put your heart and soul into putting down onto paper everything you have and now it’s time for the world to hear your story.

Self-Publishing has one drawback, reach, you cannot get the sales and marketing reach that you need with a self-published book without a little bit of very expensive help.

At PM Press we mix the best of traditional publishing with target driven sales and marketing which includes sales people visiting bookstores and actively asking them to stock your book.

You put your best into producing your book content, let us put our best into getting onto the bookshop shelves.

Extensive Distribution and Targeted Marketing

It is our job to ensure the maximum reach and visibility of your book to targeted readers and to wholesale book buyers.

Our well-organized marketing, promotion, distribution and sales network that has been built through our long-term experience in the industry. This means you will benefit from an already established and reputable system, rather than having to spend months or years building your own network. Your chances of success will be greatly increased through our assistance.

Getting shelf space in book stores is also a challenge for authors, after all, who has the time to visit all the book stores in London and ask them to stock your book (clue: We do).  By publishing your book with us, we will ensure your book gets the shelf space it deserves.

In fact, marketing is always a key consideration from the very beginning of the publication process. Our marketing professionals ensure the most marketable features are incorporated in all aspects of content and design. This is based on our wide range of experience in book publishing, having seen what works and what doesn’t.

You can expect radically more exposure than you would with self-publishing. You would benefit from our connections with media, reviewers, libraries, bookstores, among others. This gives you the chance to gain respected book reviews, tours, media interviews, award nominations and other opportunities for greater exposure.

Even in this technologically advanced era, greater emphasis is still placed on books from publishers rather than self-published books.

Using PM Press you will take advantage of being a “published author” using our status as a reputable publisher to gain greater exposure and easier access to more markets.

Here’s a thought, the average self-published book sells just 300 copies and they are usually bought and distributed by the author.  Wouldn’t you like your book to do better than that!

Gain Recognition

Having your book rigorously edited by our experts, will give your book an edge when reviewed by your peers and, you never know, a book prize could be just a moment away.

Being published by a reputable publishing company, even if you’re an unknown author, gives readers confidence in your work when they recognize the publisher.  Even better, if you network a lot and tell people about your book – “published by PM Press” it just has so much more kudos!

Personalized Attention

You want your work to get the attention it deserves – surely?  A publishing team that focus on what you want and how you want it done and then just go-ahead and get it done?  Do you want to feel more than a work on the balance sheet, just another part of the machine?

We don’t treat you as just one among the many authors publishing with us. Rather, our staff will assist you through every step of the publication process. By keeping you updated and taking your input on every aspect, we’ll ensure that the final product is a true reflection of your expectations.

The Best Quality

Every step of the publishing process is thoroughly organized to ensure top quality.

Every word/ sentence of your manuscript is checked by our experienced editors. All major or frivolous errors are identified and eliminated, including: redundancy and repetition; and errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure and syntax, among others.

But, you want the character and the flow of your work to remain entirely you so the editing process is fully collaborative and if you want you can interact with the editor real time to ensure the changes meet your approval.

Not just that, expert editors will seek out the source of quotes and images and ensure proper attribution and weight is given to them.

This isn’t just limited to content, but also extends to every part of your book's production, from typesetting the inside to designing the perfect cover that reflects exactly what you want – tempered of course by our experience.

Book Production in Variable Formats

Do you want paperback, hardback, spiral bound, sizes from pocket book to A1 paper from brilliant white recyclable through to hand made parchments!  Whatever format your book needs.

eBook Frenzy

Most people concentrate on making sure there is a Kindle version of their book and this is a great start, what is missing with most self publishing platforms is the ability to index and annotate the eBook and make sure that the readers experience is awesome.

But what about the other eBook formats?  Kobo, Sony, epub?  What about your free chapter? 

Capturing readers

Capturing readers is more about making sure there are plenty of opportunities for them to reach out to you via a dedicated website to get more information in exchange for their name and email address.  This is great for making sure they recognize the author but oh so much better for marketing them the next book directly.

Shortest Time Possible to Market

Getting your book to market is as important as thoroughly editing and designing it. By getting your book through the publishing process as fast as possible, you are assured of launching your book at the best time for you.

A production process that is streamlined to ensure a smooth flow from start to finish, prevents unnecessary delays and any other interruptions.

Talk to Us About Your New Book

We welcome proposals from authors in any area of interest and we’re always open to new ideas. This includes different genres or categories.  We are always in search of great content to publish and we’ll work with you through the entire process, from start to finish.

Contact us today for the ultimate publishing solution.