Sharif George

Sharif George started his career as a troubleshooter for Helpdesks and IT departments in the Corporate world.  Then went on to found the groundbreaking PC as a service business Cloudberry.  Sharif has run many businesses covering everything from the creative arts, technology, plumbing and printing – in his words “anything that is interesting”.

Widely read and highly opinionated, Sharif is a positive mine of information and loves to share that information with anyone who will listen.  Always open for a cup of Latte and a slice of cake – you can call him on 07874 960 119 and he will be happy to share with you.

Sharif’s insight is excited by new ideas, new concepts and small businesses, with a real passion to see them thrive and grow.  Especially if they are trying to do something new or different.

Today Sharif runs Parvus Magna Press and Steel Roses Press full time – though he also does a little bit of sales consulting on the side.

Sharif’s books include several sales titles including the Entrepreneurs Guide to Email Marketing; 101 Lead Generation Ideas that Work and coming soon Creative Steps – Goal management for Creatives.