Justification? So you decided to take the plunge and become an author.  We become authors for any number of reasons but inside us there is a desire to tell our story and be heard.  We struggle though because even though we have written the story down – whether factual fictional of factional getting it read by the people we are aiming at can be a terrifying prospect.

I have come across authors who do not care if their work is read or not, they are rare beasts and they either come from one of two different perspective.

Firstly, “my book is art” is the author who writes for the sake of it, or so they say,  and they don’t mind whether it sells or not.  I can’t see the point in publishing the book if no-one reads it myself and I am sure this is just a defence mechanism to protect themselves from disappointment when they sell the obligatory less than a hundred copies.

Secondly, “my book is therapy” I have a lot more sympathy for this perspective than the other because I have experience first hand how writing the story down and sharing it clears the mind and helps you to focus on moving on.   But, if this is your perspective, let me challenge you that your book is not doing anyone else any good if they are not hearing your story.

Getting your story into print was not just a random decision, you wanted to get your story read and you wanted to motivate people to do something as a result of your book, even if that something is just buy the next book in the series.

This current series of articles does have a purpose, actually it has two.  The first purpose is to help the independent authors to sell more books, initially through helping them to understand the sales process and teaching them how to leverage that process effectively for their work.

The second purpose behind these articles is to introduce you, dear reader, to my publishing company that wants to handle this process for you and help you sell more books without the concomitant effort.

Writing your magnus opus is just the start of the publishing journey, the end of the journey is selling enough books so you have the time to write the sequel.

That is what I want for you – to sell enough books to be able to focus on the sequel, to extend your reach and improve your life and to finally be called a successful author.