Matthew Black

Author, Public Speaker, Investor and Philanthropist. 

I've called London home for over 10 years now, but I was born and raised in a small dusty town in the wild untamed Australian outback. That’s where I developed the mental toughness of being self-reliant, fearless and driven to succeed- all essential to survive in one of the most inhospitable landscapes in the world & equally valuable in the world of business. Often described using my larger-than-life Australian character & background, my clients sometimes call me “The Outback Entrepreneur”. 

I left home at 14, started my first company at 18, selling it at just 20 and then founded & grew a telecoms company to over $55M before the age of 30.

My passion is "Visioneering": helping founders clearly define their vision & direction. I use the insights gained to reduce marketing costs, increase sales conversion by “engineering” the messaging & strategy.

My "big goal" is to help 1M people move from thinking about it, to taking the first steps towards being in business by 2020. The main driver for this goal is my Online TV channel, but I also give away many thousands of books and deliver free talks and workshops.

I'm an active participant in the UK Start-up community; I frequently donate a vast number of billable hours for free to young entrepreneurs, as well as create free online courses and videos for the same. 

"The Little Black Book for Entrepreneurs" - short listed for the People's Choice 2016 shortlist"