As a business author you are probably expecting to get a bit more that just book sales from your new book.  Business books are a great way of showcasing your skills to a wider audience and raising awareness of your services for those who are in need of them.

Business books are also a good way of educating your potential clients into seeing what you do in a different light as well as being useful engagement tools.

But getting your business book published and into print is just a small part of the puzzle.

Book Marketing

There are a lot of business books published every day, it’s not really difficult to get the book printed and solutions like Completely Novel and Createspace are very good tools if you are going to market the book directly to your internal network – people who already know you.


Writing a business book is one of the best ways to get known as an expert in your industry and the book itself can often be a good profit centre for your business.  If you regularly give talks and hold seminars a couple of books on your subject at the back of the room can turn a modestly paid event into something a lot more profitable.

Using our unique marketing expertise we will help you get your book to market.  This will include regular updates to bookshops and online retailers telling them about your book and offering them incentives for both stocking and promoting your book.

Salesmen we have a small team of salesmen who visit local bookstores and showcase your book to the book buyers.  If you self-publish your work, you are not guaranteed that the book will be available to the bookstores to stock and if you don’t go visiting bookstores promoting the book itself, then they won’t know it exists to stock it.

Kindle AND Nook – We don’t just publish on Kindle, but we publish on Nook and Barnes and Noble as well as making email DRM locked versions available for your customers to download “free chapters”

AudioBook –  This is a fantastic way of expanding your books appeal, create and audiobook with DRM enabled.

Marketing We send regular emails and paper mails to bookshops promoting books we think they should be stocking.

Book signing We offer all of our authors to Local Bookstores for book signings – this is important for the bookstore and for the author as the additional media buzz and the activity in the store helps the book-seller to sell more books.   The author arrives with a box of books and any books that are sold go through the shop till and we take the rest away with us less a few left with the book-seller.

Sale or Return  This is about reducing the risk of the book-seller so that they are not taking a chance when selling your book.  On the plus side, you do get more commission for the books that sell.

Book Sales

Book sales is all about selling your book to your network and getting your book to earn you more money by being a business card or brochure for what you do.

eMail Addresses – Finding the email address of those that buy your book is a great way of building up a marketing database for your next course or seminar and an invaluable way of promoting your next book.  Using simple web tools and ideas we can help you keep in touch with your readers by offering free web-based content that just needs their email address to access.

Network Book Sales – We promote all of our authors books within a tight knit social network.  Your book will be promoted by other business book authors to their network as a recommended read.    This is part of the collaborative method we have employed at PM Press Publishing to help our authors get the maximum exposure.

Back of Room – You will be able to buy your books cheaper direct from your publisher than you can get direct from createspace. And what is more, whatever price you sell the book for – it’s all yours to keep.

Book Events – Watch this space, for author exclusive events hosted by PM Press.

Getting your book to market is as important as getting the content right and PM Press Publishing gives you an edge other indie publishers just don’t have.