Getting your book published can be a nerve wracking exercise, tossing up the pro’s and con’s of self-publishing, finding a literary agent or posting your manuscript direct to a traditional publishing house.

Here at PM Press we want to help you with that process and make sure that your book has the best possible chance of succeeding and fulfilling everything you have dreamed about it.

We have a number of niche areas that we are looking for authors to publish and although these are our specialist subjects, we are always happy to give some help and advice, even if the book isn’t for us.

Business Books:- We love publishing business books whether they are the ever popular “back of room” books or something you want to go a little more mainstream.  We are specialists at turning coursework and training into online courses and marketing opportunities for consultants and trainers.  Our multi-media over multi-media approach means that your book could be a lead magnet and a method of delivery.

Economics:- Economics books and books of economic theory, especially those books that have something very particular to say, a particular approach to the economic problems of a social class, nation, area, town or even globally.  We believe that there are a lot of economic thinkers who have incredible ideas about the economy and we would like to see more books in popular print.

We also like Social Economics and books about how the economic environment is shaping our society – is it for the better or the worse?

Politics:- We would love to hear from both professional and amatuer politicians, people with alternative ways of doing things, what is it about the world that the political class have got so wrong?  Is it all about whether you are left, right or centre?  is it about nationalism or regionalism?  What about Brexit?  Is it really such a good or bad thing?  Whatever your political leanings we would like to hear from you and read your book.  PM Press is an apolitical organisation.

Religion:- If you have a religious book that you would like to see in print then please do give us a call.  Everything from theological treatise through to sermons and religio political and social ideas.

Philosophy:- Have you written a treatise or are you in the process of pulling together some philosophical ideals that you feel deserve a wider audience?  Then please do send us your manuscript, whether yours is a pseudo-religious idea based upon an ancient work or a completely modern idea that has not yet been mooted then we would like to publish it.