Dexter Moscow

Dexter’s grey hairs, what’s left of them, have been gained through his expertise working and coaching at the highest level in Finance, Property, Advertising, Sales, and the Entertainment industry.

His associations with Reed International, the Dale Carnegie organisation, The Sandler Sales Institute and his live appearances, presenting on QVC The Shopping Channel, informs his unique approach to corporate communication, selling ideas and influencing skills.

As a keynote speaker and business coach, those working 1-2- 1 with him and attending his presentations and sales courses have gained heightened communication abilities, new insights and increased confidence in ‘selling’, themselves and their business proposition.

As Managing Director of Audience Dynamics and a TV personality he specialises in coaching people to achieve communication excellence and conducts influencing excellence and master influencing excellence seminars. 

These interactive workshops focus on consultative and ‘Personal Sales’ skills in all aspects of that term, The 9 steps to Sales P.O.T.E.N.T.I.A.L. a tried and tested system that ensures we are in command of the sales process and ‘How to sell to an invisible audience’ using a unique system The 7 keys to P.E.R.F.E.C.T. communication, a process to win more business.

He has developed a process “How to Sell at a Seminar without Selling” using the M.O.S.C.O.W. method which enables seminar speakers to leverage their presentations.

Graduates of these interventions are empowered to persuade, engage and develop instant rapport with a diverse audiences resulting in effective communication, ‘buy in’ from colleagues, more sales and greater brand recognition.

The Moscow Method

We are excited to announce the forthcoming release of Dexter Moscow’s seminal work – The MOSCOW method – how to sell without selling. A book that helps the reader to give powerful, thought provoking talks and presentations that really help you to sell yourself without selling.

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