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As an author with something to say, it’s important that your work gets all the exposure that it deserves and that you retain Full Control of the copyright and the other rights that are related to making money out of your book.

Traditionally you have two options neither of which are ideal really…

Traditional Publishing:- With traditional publishing you would expect to get a better exposure for your book but you give away control to the publishing company and although it is your name on the front cover you have no real control on how the book is promoted or not and also, you can’t do anything with the work without the publisher’s permission.

Indie Publishing:- sometimes called self publishing, this leaves you in total control of your book but with the additional disadvantage that you have to do all the work to get the book published including copy editing, proof-reading, cover design, ISBN numbers not to mention getting the book onto the increasingly bewildering e-readers and online stores.  Once you have worked through this minefield, then you have to try and sell the book.  You can get help with all this but there is usually a high cost of between £400 and £2,600 just to get your book ready to be printed.

PM Press Collaborative:- There is now a third method for getting your book published.  We here at PM Press are fanatical about authors and their right to own their work in it’s entirety and to receive as much compensation for the toil and tears that have gone into writing the book as is possible. So our authors all enjoy the following key benefits from publishing with PM Press:-

  • Free Publication:- For most of our authors we do not charge a brass cent for publishing their work.  We do have some marketing packages available for business books but they are elective and usually, you don’t need them.
  • Creative Publishing:- How do you turn your paperback or hardback book into an entire multimedia experience including video, audio and marketing materials that help you sell more?
  • Bookshop Marketing:- We regularly visit bookstores to show them our new books and to get our authors books stocked on their shelves.  Book Signings We are always trying to get our authors into bookshops to do book signings.  We work really well with independent bookshops.
  • Authors Own:- The author always retains the copyright to the book, as a publishing company we only ask for exclusive distribution rights for a set period of time and then a reasonable notice period to move the book away from us thereafter.
  • More Profit:- We give more of the books profit to the author than the traditional publishing model through promoting direct sales into our author’s networks.  We promote our books through social media and network marketing to maximise the direct sales, often earning the author 8 times as much profit per book.
  • Better Support:- Because we only make a profit if your book sells, we are in this to help you produce the best book that you can.  This includes informal coaching, regular project planning and feedback and getting involved with the work right from the start!