Where Unique Ideas Find Their Home

Are you an author with a unique idea that deserves to be shared with the world? At Parvus Magna Press, we are passionate about discovering and nurturing distinctive voices in the literary world. We are a small, dedicated publishing house committed to bringing fresh, innovative content to readers who crave something different.

We specialise in niche interests, providing a platform for  ideas that stand out from the crowd. Whether your work challenges conventions, explores untapped genres, or offers a new perspective, we want to hear from you. Our mission is to amplify unique voices and foster a community of creativity and originality.


We are actively looking for 3rd way political thinkers and their ideas.  even if it's just 1 Chapter!

Philosophers Welcome

If you write on the subject of Philosophy or religion, we would love to hear from you.

Business Authors

From our sister company; we can help you set up a full service book system, including online and interactive content.

About Us

Sharif George, the founder and lead editor for Parvus Magna press is an experienced author who has published over 20 books on a range of subjects including Business, Personal Development, Politics, Religion and is active in Modernising many of the great works of political ideology.

We set up Parvus Magna Press as a publishing co-operative to help authors get their books in print and help them get them out to market.