Do you want to be a publisher?

Do you want to become a publisher? are you interested in helping budding authors through their journey from the inception of an idea all the way through to seeing their book in print and sitting upon the shelf of a bookstore.

The Parvus Magna Press publishing franchise is just the place for you. We provide all of our franchise owners with a strong brand that has been around for many years, Unlimited support and coaching and training, access to a Book Selling network that is rapidly growing and expanding.

Parvus Magna Press is a successful publishing franchise and co-operative where everyone works together for the success of our authors and shares in their success.

Our collection of imprints cover a broad range of interests:-

Parvus Magna Press – is the home of our imprint for Educational books, politics, economics, philosophy and religion and Self-help books. Priority is given for books with a different outlook on things, groundbreaking thought leaders and controversial views.

Steel Roses Press – is the home of all things fictional.

Little Bug Press – here we publish Children’s books for ages 0 – 22, we are looking for authors who have a particularly feel-good about their work, happy endings a must! real heros and heroin’s – where the good guy is always the winner!

Back of Room Systems – we are looking to publish back of room systems for business leaders, business coaches and life coaches.

INDY NOW! – The home for independent publishers, we are a distributor for some great independent publishers. Our team of franchise publishers visit local bookstores to promote the work of independent publishers and authors. They distribute our catalogue which showcases the best of the independently published books.

We are currently looking for Copywriters, Editors, book sellers and bookshops to join our franchise.