Become a Publisher

5-4-3-2-1 – Ignition!

There are many authors whose masterpiece never gets published. Why? Because they can’t persuade a mainstream publisher to take their book on or they can’t afford to self-publish.

Those are the people we want to help.

Parvus Magna Press is a publisher with a difference. If you

  • Have an idea that’s off the beaten track
  • Know that something isn’t working and exciting alternatives are out there that you want to tell people about
  • Have a message that you think is important
  • Want to fly something that some people think is completely crazy
  • You know your book is worth reading, but you’re a writer and marketing a book isn’t in your skill set (or at least not the one you’re comfortable with)

Parvus Magna Press will help you reach your readership – as well as people who didn’t realise they were interested until they heard about your message.

Our role

We like to see ourselves as your catalyst to getting published. You’ll be adding us to your team as we aim to become a collaborative partnership with you. You share in the success of our business and that is reflected in the royalties you’ll receive.

There is no charge to publish your book and, although we expect you to get your book edited professionally, we have an in-house proof-reader to ensure the final manuscript is a perfect as possible. We’ll provide graphic design services for your cover and layout for your text.

We’ll put together a basic sales and marketing campaign to get your message in front of as many people as possible.

As one of our authors you’ll also promote the books written by other authors to your network, that’s part of the collaboration – and if 100 authors are promoting each other’s books that can only have a positive effect on sales. We’ll show you how to run your own social media campaign and how to promote your co-authors, so it’s straightforward and will take you a few minutes each week.

Putting your book on the listings for both mainstream and independent bookshops is part of our mission, to make it easy for people to buy them. They’ll also appear on all the usual online bookstore listings.

What you get

You can concentrate on what you’re good at – turning your ideas and expertise into words that will help others. We’ll help your message to catch fire.

As a new author you’ll get the attention you need to be successful.

You’ll be able to buy your book to sell or give away for the cost of printing plus £1.

You can leave us to focus on the promotion and distribution.

This means you’ll have the freedom to write your next book, without worrying if it’s worth the effort.