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Matthew Black's Little Black Book
Matthew Black's Amazing Little Black Book for entrepreneurs codes the optimum pathway for new startups.

In this workbook you will find everything you need to get that excellent idea to Market.
So you started running your own small business but you quickly come to the realisation that you needed a bit more than just the ability to deliver your services to clients.

One of the biggest challenges for us is getting leads into the business. We were trained as IT consultants, Accountants, Lawyers, Coaches and Artisans.

We were not trained into how to sell and in the early part of our businesses life it can be difficult to find the cash to bring in professional help.

This book helps bridge the gap, with two bonus sections on online lead management and search engines.
Start Generating leads without spending a fortune.
GK Chesterton reckoned that The Ballad of the White Horse to be his greatest work. It was the only work that he considered to be worthy enough to dedicate to his wife.

The Ballad essentially chronicles the Battle of Ethandune and King Alfred the Great.

Chesterton claimed that the Ballad was not recording historical fact but legend and myth.

What will become clear to the reader is that the ballad itself is a little bit of literary history.

Bonus Material—In addition to the full text of the Ballad, we have included a discourse by Chesterton on Ethandune not originally included in the original Volume.
References have been added to explain historical context, translation of foreign phrases and definitions of uncommon words.
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